Kelly Chiropractic
        Johnsonville, Wellington

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Your First Visit

Chiropractors have a functional approach to the spine, we want to determine how your spine is moving or functioning, how it got to that state and the best way to get it moving again.
To begin with we want to find out about your health history.  This means that we want to know about your presenting complaint as well as what's happened in your health, recently and in the past. We find out about your complaint by asking you questions and performing an exam.

Our exam includes a postural evaluation, range of motion checks, palpation and whatever orthopaedic tests are indicated.  We will often take x-rays so we can get a better understanding of your spine.

Once the chiropractor has processed and correlated all your consultation and examination information, you will return for your report to be told about the state of your spine.  If you are a chiropractic candidate then we will recommend chiropractic care, which involves adjustments to your spine.